Thursday, May 12, 2016

18th Century Sampler, Progress

This past weekend, I worked on the 18th Century Sampler again.  It's been awhile!
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo!  I just cant seem to get a decent pic of this thing.  It is all aqua and teal on aquamarina canvas.
I did not want to do a row of hemstitching, so instead I created a border using bugle beads.  It turned out pretty good.  
Next was the acorn border.  It was supposed to be done in aqua #3 pearl cotton, but I find that hard to use on 18 and I just didn't want to do so much of it!  So I used Silk & Ivory, in 2 shades.  It came out nice and was easy to stitch, although I wish I'd had a lighter "dark" shade!
There are supposed to be 2 more rows of boxes, 6 boxes to a row.  I have decided that I don't want to do that much more on this piece.  I was in love with it when I started, but now? Not so much!  So I will stitch a couple of borders top & bottom and call it good. 

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