Saturday, May 21, 2016

Horse with hat

 I found this painted canvas (with stitch guide) nearly two years ago and intended to stitch it for a friend of mine who rides horses and makes her own hats!  Well, 2 years later, I'm actually working on it.
Horsie is actually finished (see photo on the right), and my friend has it now deciding on the fabric to finish it so that it will go on a purse.  Once she picks the fabric, we will decide on a background and I will stitch the background.

This is a Pajamas & Chocolate design.  The pic below is of the cover of the stitch guide.  I did not use the stitch guide at all!  I changed the horse to look like my friend's horse and adjusted the shape some, changed the bridle, moved the eye, changed the nose& mouth area, and changed the colors of the hat to be my friend's colors.  

We have now whited out the "feathers" and the reins.  The reins were in the wrong place for the new bridle and real feathers won't work on a purse!  I tried stitching the feather shapes and didn't like it.  Stay tuned!

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Sara Leigh said...

I like your edited version better than the original. Hahahahaha.