Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gardener's Alphabet "T"

A friend commissioned me to stitch a couple of the Gardener's Alphabet letters.  The first one, T, is complete.  Now, here's a story:
The top picture to the left is what it looked like finished.  I had used the colors specified in the pattern for the foliage.  The light gray-green stems just looked too light to me, AFTER everything else was stitched.  Ripping that out was going to be a nightmare!  

So I experimented.  I stitched some of that thread on a scrap of the same canvas and tried PAINTING it, with pens.  OMG it worked!  I tried an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie and a Copic marker. Both worked, but the Sharpie seemed to give more even coverage.  Neither bled onto the stitch next to it!

So, I went ahead and painted the offending stitches. Voila! 
The 2nd pic shows the result.  I'm so jazzed!

Now, I'm quite sure it isn't color fast, but I don't care.  This piece doesn't need to be blocked and it will be encased in a plastic trivet.

The pic to the right is just a sharper photo.  And the color is a little more accurate.  It is on aquamarina canvas.


Sara Leigh said...

That's a cleer fix. I wouldn't have wanted to rip it out either.

Beth in IL said...

Great idea! Need to keep it in mind.