Monday, June 27, 2016

Back from the Finishers!

 Finally!  I shipped these off to be finished and they have been returned.  It's like Christmas!!
The little clutch turned out really nice.  This was a Stitch & Zip and so the zipper went all the way around.  Now it is finished so it only opens on one side, and lined nicely as well.  
The brown/purple piece is a magnet!  What a great idea, which I would never have though of. The 2 little ornaments are just so cute and the pumpkin one has a little spider charm that doesn't show in photo.  Then there's the bookmark which is really nice.  
But the Star of this Show is the stand up.  It is 2 sided, with a piece of needlepoint on each side!  How cool is that?!  Below is the other side:


Sara Leigh said...

Lovely, and what clever finishing ideas. I'll have to remember that magnet thing. It could come in handy.

Melitastitches4fun said...

Lots of people celebrate June 25 as summertime Christmas - you have quite a wonderful collection there! It's great to see different options. The stand up is lovely - bow isn't overpowering. Melita