Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Indian Pot Progress

I have gotten quite a bit done on the Indian Pot.  I am VERY PLEASED with this so far!! 

I was stuck for awhile when I got to the brown band.  I did not care for what the pattern called for.  I looked at it and fiddled around with stitches for days (weeks?).  Then I started researching Indian pots and I began to get ideas.  The diamonds are a Jessica variation from Carole Lake's book, Twisty Stitches (thanks Carole!!).  The zig zag is Smyrna crosses. Then I agonized over what color and stitch for the background of this strip.  That took several days...  I ended up blending 2 shades of floss and basketweaved it, then backstitched the dark brown lines with Kreinik.  I love it!

Now for the borders and background.  All I'll be changing of them is the colors.  I think!

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Sara Leigh said...

You've got a lot done! I really love this, and the brown band looks great!