Thursday, December 27, 2018

Two Bargellos for Christmas

Here are 2 Bargellos I did over the past couple of months.
The one on the left, Bear Dance, went into a Sudberry House tray.  The one on the right, Button Up Your Overcoat, is a key rack (I couldn't put the hooks on or it wouldn't go back in its box!).  
Both were Christmas gifts, now delivered.

These patterns are based on musical notation, a technique I came up with many years ago, but have never written up.


Sara Leigh said...

Those are very cool. I especially like Button Up Your Overcoat. Your musical notation tehnique sounds intriguing.

Beth in IL said...

Very nice!

Deborah Hubbard said...

Er ... musical notation? I love bargello, and music, but I'm hoping very hard that one day you'll find the time to give a brief explanation! (Time flies in retirement - ask me how I know!) They look wonderful.