Saturday, January 18, 2020


This is one of my rare forays into painted canvas. It's really hard!  But she perseveres!  I don't know the artist, but it is Houndstooth Tablet Case from Dream House Ventures.

It's about half done. It's hard to see, but there's a lot of metallics and most of the black is Pearl cotton. Too much black uurrggg. 
Anyway, the 2 areas marked (upper left and right corners) have me stumped. Does anyone have any ideas about a stitch or stitches to use?
The yellow with gray circles I plan to do with nested Jessica's. The black wedge I want to try to use waffles, with lots of compensation. 


Sara Leigh said...

Those angles are too acute to allow diagonal stitches. I had thought diagonal Scotch or mosaic. Then I thought of Milanese. Really sharp angles make these awkward. Maybe byzsntine? There's going to be a lot of compensation no matter what stitch you choose, so maybe stick with basketweave? Sometimes it's just the right one for the space.

jhm said...

THe black qtr circle could be layered crescents. Just adjust as you go.

Anonymous said...

Victorian Step Stitch might work. Sandra Arthur’s Shapes series 3 has stitches for parallelograms.