Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SOTM Section 2

Yesterday I completed Section 2 of ANGs Stitch of the Month project. Since I changed the design and charted it, I had to do some serious counting to get from Section 1 to Section 2. I ended up "counting" with a basting thread to be sure I got it right! I used DMC floss #523 and #12 Kreinik 4003. It is a pretty stitch and I can see how different combinations of threads could give a totally different look.

Check out Pin Tangle's post for today! She is beginning an extensive list of blogs and it is just amazing. I used up all morning with it!!!


Beth said...

It looks great! I'm not really into the Kimono design, but I'd like to start an album of stitches. One of these days I'll get around to it, but for now I'm all about samplers!

To answer your question, Chet thinks he's a dog, but has NO problem telling me how things are. He can be very vocal when he wants something, but is the sweetest boy in the world. He doesn't like to be held but will sit in my chair with me. He also LOVES to play "cover monster" where he attacks my hand as I move it under the blankets on my bed. Then I throw the blanket over him and rub as hard as I can. He purrs like a diesel engine!


NCPat said...

This is a pretty combo for a neat stitch! What charting program did you use? This is a wonderful idea instead of trying to color in the lines.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I love Sharon B's blog list too - She did that last year, and I found lots and lots of good stuff to save and look at. Your stitching looks great! Sharon's long long stitch sampler is really fine also, as well as her stitch dictionaries.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I've lost your e-mail address again. LOL I am really anxious to see your article this issue, as I look forward to it. I would not like to be a magazine owner/editor etc. Joyce did well, and I'm sure Elizabeth will too.