Monday, April 13, 2009

Boink Sections 2-6-12&21

Wow! This weekend I completed 4 more squares of my Book of Ink Circles. They go pretty quick once you figure out what to do!
I redid Square 2 (just below upper left corner square). I didn't care for the design in that square - it always looked like owls to me. So I designed a new square based on one of Ink Circles free designs "September Celtic Knot". I stitched it in an overdye then added a dark brown square "behind" it and in the center which helped to perk it up a bit.
Square 6 is just below the upper right corner square. In this one I used my overdye, plus lots of shades of brown. It kind of looks like a treble clef I think, but it is OK.
Square 12 is just above the lower left corner square. I used the same colors as in #6.
Square 21 is just above the lower right corner square. This one gave me a lot of trouble as it is so different from all the others. It is very "square" and I didn't realize till I was actually stitching it that the numbers "2009" appear in it although they aren't very obvious. That's OK as that is the year it will be finished. Again I used the overdye and shades of brown, but I used fewer colors and left more blank canvas than intended by the designer.
Two more squares to go and then I can fill in the borders, or not. I haven't really decided yet.