Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vanilla Orchid 1st Step

I have begun working on the new and improved Vanilla Orchid. Many of you have noticed this design in my slide show. I am hoping to be able to offer this design for sale later this year. I have just finished the flower and now will begin the Bargello background. Then there will be two more colorways! I am working this new version on 18-mesh. This flower is in floss with a touch of Kreinik and the Bargello will be in Silk & Ivory. Stay tuned!

I won't be posting again for about a week. Tomorrow we are driving to Reno and I will be staying there all summer. My husband has to go on a long business trip to Australia and Macao and we wanted to get me settled in Reno before he leaves. So this is an unexpected rush trip! I am packing up most of my needlework stuff to take "home", along with a few clothes, lap top, etc. Then of course it will all have to be UNpacked and put away.


NCPat said...

This is already gorgeous!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Liz, I am looking forward to seeing the new colorways on this beautiful design. Good luck on your temporary move, have fun, post pictures!:)