Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vanilla Orchid is Finished

Hurray! Vanilla Orchid is finished! Now I have a couple of other things to work on, but will probably start the White Orchid this weekend.


Susan said...

Hi, Liz! This is a beautiful design and wonderful colors. I'm new to your blog, so wondered if you have a website, or where can I purchase your designs. Thanks so much and keep up the beautiful work! Susan

LIZ said...

Thanks, Susan, I'm glad you like the orchid. I do not have designs available for purchase just yet. I hope to have a website or something for that purpose later this year. Keep your eye on this blog for announcements!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Great job, Liz. I'm looking forward to seeing the other colorways. Dang, you are fast!

Cyn said...

Hi Liz,

Congratulation on finishing "Vanilla Orchid"! Very pretty and you finished that project in less than three weeks?!

Windy Meadow