Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mystery Retreat Project Progress #2

I have worked on the Mystery Retreat project several times, even though I did miss at least ONE Sunday! I have been working on the center section, which is kind of "Z" shaped. It seems to go on forever! The only change I've made is: There is supposed to be some gold threads and I am using Kreinik #4005 (Sugar Cube) instead. I will put in a little bit of gold to keep the sections tied together.
The first picture shows the entire project. The 2nd picture shows the center section. The 3rd picture shows the detail of one end of the center section (it mirror images at the center). I tried to enhance the color, but just ended up with 3 different things! Oh well, you get the idea! The colors are shades of green, ecru and touches of a kind of taupe-y rose. I will probably tone down the rose parts sometimes. The darker rose shade is a little too purple-y for me.
I will miss working on it this Sunday, so it will be a couple of weeks before I have anything more to report.
Addendum: The pictures got rearranged by Blog. The top 2 show the center section & detail. The picture to the right is the whole piece.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, this is going to be a wonderful piece! So interesting. I love those crescents all stacked together in graduating colour!

NCPat said...

Absolutely stunning!