Friday, October 29, 2010

Seasons, Progress #3

The second block(s) of Seasons are complete. One on either side of the center block & they are identical. Now that they are finished, I quite like them! During the stitching I was afraid they were too light, but they came out OK. They are all in Watercolours plus the copper #12 Kreinik (color 027). The center is 034 Bouquet & 189 Gengersnap. Surrounding that are 241 Shenandoah, 169 Moss and 224 Tiramisu. The outer sections are 065 Emerald, 194 South Pacific, with the Gingersnap and Moss again in the corners. Next will be the two blocks above & below the center and they are also identical. They use the same colors as the second ones, but in a different arrangement and with some different stitches.


Tatkis said...

I like the colours and the pattern very much!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

This is a very beautiful piece, especially done in your colors. Can't wait to see the next section completed.

jdnrob said...

this is looking wonderful...thanks again for posting the colors for us, i've ordered the first couple sets of colors just today and will catch up with you soon. No, it is not a contest, I just love your colorway so much better than the original.

Joanie R.