Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuscan Midnight FINISHED!

Tuscan Midnight is finished!  (I think.)  I put the last stitch in last night.  My plan now is to take it to the framer and see if we can come up with the right mats.  If not, I will bring it back home & fill in the corners. 

I would like the mats, I think, to be a bright yellow for #1 & a Med. to Dark Pink for the top one.  Then probably just a simple dark gold frame.  We'll see how it goes!  I'm hoping to get over there next week.  I will take Mediterranean Tile as well.

Next up for a quick finish will be Seasons.  I just have to do the last 2 corners.  Thanks for all of your input on this!  I have decided to use both options, 2 corners of the dark & 2 of the lighter.  If it is awful, I'll just have to rip it out!  I'm anxious to get this finished because....   Then I get to start some new stuff!!


BFromM said...

Ooooh. That's so pretty! I love this colorway. I'm going to have to stitch this pieces.

Masha E said...

Wow! I like it!
Gold frame? For this Tuscan I would go for dark brown woods.....

Oriana said...

wonderful work Liz,
bellissimo lavoro Liz, come tutte le tue meravigliose creazioni.
ciao dall'Italia

Sara Leigh said...

That looks great, Liz! I love the colors and can't wait to see how it looks framed. Your idea sounds delicious.