Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Caper, Progress #2

Christmas Caper is coming right along.  What a fun stitch!
I finished the top of the chimney last night and I have a good start on the bricks.
The chimney is a simple square Mosaic in a very light tan Watercolours.  I used the same thread for the grout.
The bricks are also in Watercolours and I used the Alternating Oblong Cross.  I really like the way that is turning out!  I had quite a time finding just the right stitch that would give texture without a noticeable direction.  The bricks are too large (10 threads high) to use a brick stitch!
I will go to my LNS tomorrow to get the rest of the thread I need so Big Guy can have a head!

My new counter tops are in and the kitchen is put back together. 
I LOVE my new counters!  They are Silestone (quartz) in a color called Stellar Snow.  Aptly named, it is white & gray with shiny silver sparkles!  I also got a new undermount sink, stainless with deeper bowls.  It is great!  No more grout to clean!

I'm still pretty busy though & not getting in a lot of stitching time.  A friend is arriving today and will stay about a week.  We will have a lot of fun shopping and stitching and we have a mini needlework retreat to go to all day Sunday. 

Oh, and by the way, Happy Anniversary to this blog!  It is 3 years old.  Thank you followers and readers!

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lewmew said...

Wait a minute - are there Charley Harper counted patterns for needlepoint???? Tell me more!!!!