Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christmas Caper by Charley Harper

I have temporarily retired all of the large projects I have been working on.  And started this cute, fun, smaller one.  This is a very busy time for us.  DH has G2E (gaming show) and is pretty much completely taken up with that this week.  To make it a perfect week, we are having our kitchen counters replaced - Thursday!  Eek!  They will be beautiful, but I have to empty most of the cabinets, or seal them up, because of dust.
I have quite a few of the Charley Harper charts and decided to do The Christmas Caper - just for fun!
The raccoons will be all in Petite Very Velvet.  I have a start on the big guy:
 I'm using the black glitter canvas, which is easier to work on than expected, but does not photograph well.  I'll try putting something dark behind it next time.
Nobody took a chunk out of his tail, that is where the garland will go across!
The gray is a little light, but it is what I had.  I do have to get some thread though.  I need a lighter gray for the faces or white if there is no such gray in PVV.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the garland, but that will be last anyway, so not to worry!  I think I will look for a charm for the moon.
The tail is in Encroaching Gobelin and the body is just a slanted gobelin, changing direction with each row.  The "lines" are backstitched with #12 pearl.cotton. 


barb said...

I didn't realize that Charlie Harper designs were available charted. Where did you get yours from. I love the racoons.

LIZ said...

Barb, I have had these charts for a long time. But if you google "Charley Harper cross stitch" I think you will find some.

Jan said...

This is really going to be cute! Love the raccoon so far. I'm also interested in seeing how you decide to do the garland.