Friday, May 31, 2013

Mad Miters for LV

I will be teaching Mad Miters as a workshop for the local ANG Chapter.  Most of the class will be making a glasses case, so I thought I should stitch up a Mad Miters glasses case!
I've got a good start on it as you can see.  I used an Overture Rainbow Tweed overdye that I had in stash & then pulled Silk & Ivory and Neon Rays in some of the colors from the Overture Rainbow Tweed.
I don't recommend the Overture Rainbow Tweed for Bargello.  It is a 4-strand thread but it stitcks together when you try to separate it.  I only need 2 strands for the Bargello.  It is not a very strong thread once it is stranded, so I don't know how well it will wear for a glasses case!  Oh well, we learn by doing!  It is a pretty thread though!
Since this will be a glasses case, I only put the border at the top.  Normally, I put a border all the way around a Mad Miters to stop it.
NOTE:  I have apparently lost my mind.  I am not using Overture, it is Rainbow Tweed! 


Beth in IL said...

Love the colors on this. Will have to remember what you wrote about Overture...I think I have a few cards in my stash.

LIZ said...

Thanks, Beth.
Please forget what I said about Overture. I don't know where I got the idea I was using Overture, it is Rainbow Tweed! I like Rainbow Tweed for needlepoint, but to separate the strands and use it for Bargello is not nice.

Split-Site PhD from Nila said...

The color combinations are really cool! Good luck on your class too! I hope you’ll share more of your crafts. I’m very eager to see more of it one of these days. Anyway, I just passed by to check what’s new. See you around and have a nice day! Ciao!

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