Monday, May 13, 2013


I know it has been a long time since I posted.  I have been very busy getting 4 new patterns up on my website!  The following patterns are now available, please go to my website on the page "Bargello 2 & Needlepoint" and check them out!

Bargello Crackers: 4 designs for Bargello Crackers includes finishing instructions. Very quick to stitch up and pretty easy to finish. No sewing machine required!
Bargello Hearts:  A new Bargello pattern - a heart!  I couldn't find a Bargello heart that was what I wanted (I only found 2) so I made my own.  Includes ideas & charts for several ways to use this pretty pattern.

Scottsdale:  You may remember when I was stitching this.  This design was inspired by a trip to Scottsdale several years ago.  The added beads are fun but not required.

Bitter Springs:  You'll remember this too!  This design is in the May 2013 issue of ANG's magazine, Needle Pointers.  For non-ANG members, this design is also available on my website.
There's also a new free design.  Check it out on the Free Design page of my website.  Just click on the fishy and wait a bit.  You'll get a .pdf file which you can save or print.

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