Monday, May 16, 2011

Calico Cat by Dede Ogden

Some of you may remember last summer when I bought the 3 Dede Ogden kitty canvases.  I stitched one for a friend for Christmas (finishing it in February).
Now I am working on the Calico Cat.  I learned a lot from the first one.  For that one I used too many colors & stitches.
So, Calico Cat will be all Tent stitch in Petite Very Velvet. 
The only decorative stitches will be the wreath, hat and mittens.  I have finished the wreath, in kind of a random Leaf stitch, using a dark green Watercolours.  And I just have the white on kitty to finish.
The hat & mittens will be all in shades of red, not the pinks & lavendars as painted.  I haven't figured out the stitches yet!

Here is kitty today:
(Sorry for the blurry picture!)

Note:  This was supposed to have posted last week.  Apparently Blogger had some problems & I was away for the weekend.  So, here it is now!  I have since made some more progress & will post again soon.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Darling design! It looks great so far, especially the contrast between the wreath and the Petite Very Velvet fur. Good job, Liz.