Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calico Cat Progress #2

As promised, here is a Progress Report on Calico Cat.  Kitty is all done and I'm pleased with her.  I used Watercolors 219 for the main part of the hat, Neon Rays Plus NP22 for the topknot and brim.  I did a sort of half Waffle for the topknot and I like the way that turned out.  Kreinik #12 braid, #061, plus some silver, completed the trim around the brim.  The mittens are #5 Pearl in 498 with the Kreinik 061 for the trim, stitched in a horizontal knitting stitch.  The scarf is in a weaving stitch in the same #5 Pearl.  I do like her much better in all red!

I have decided to have this finished with an easel back, so have to do some background.  I thought there should be a "floor" under kitty so she isn't just floating in midair!  But I think the bricking looks like a wall so I'll be taking that out.  Maybe a pattern with a slant to it would look flatter?  What do you think?


MNStitcher said...

I think the pattern might work that you already used, but as it is stitched now it goes too high behind the cat. Start lower on the canvas and stitch more rows below the cat and I think it will look more like a floor and not so much like a wall.

LIZ said...

Good idea MNStitcher! I'll give that a try. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I stitched a basketball player for my oldest son many years ago. I used a longer segment of Gobelin to mimic a wood floor. The thread color is perfect.

The kitty is adorable. Love the stitches you selected for the hat and mittens!

lewmew said...

I like the brick!