Monday, May 2, 2011

Digits Fractal by Kerry Mitchell

As some of you know, I absolutely love fractals.  And I am particularly fond of those designed by Kerry Mitchell.  I have adapted several of his designs to needlepoint, one of which, "Sunset", won a ribbon at the Tucson ANG Seminar several years ago.  The picture on the left is Kerry's design, the picture on the right is my needlepoint version.

 About Christmastime 2010, I adapted another of Kerry's fractals. 
It is called Digits (shown on the left) and I am making it into a Kindle cover.  I got the prefinished Kindle cover and have a good start on it.  I am using DMC floss and a bit of #12 Kreinik braid here & there.  It is mostly tent stitches and I reverse direction frequently to try to keep it straight.  I occasionally throw in some Scotch, Cashmere or Mosaic stitches, just to keep from getting too boring!  The prefinished cover is 14-count and interlock canvas.  I'm not fond of that, but oh well.  It requires all 6 strands of floss, and a pretty loose tension to cover well. 
Here is my progress so far:


Anonymous said...

Interesting project! And I'm glad you're using several different stitches to keep it from becoming too boring to stitch. Kindles are very big, so this shouldn't take too long to stitch.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Wonderful!I did have to look fractal up on however and I'm still puzzled. lol!!. You're a genius Liz.