Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fall Favor

Well, here I go again!  I am working on the freebie project for this fall's retreat here in Las Vegas.  I finished the design a couple of weeks ago and there are other stitchers working on the cross stitch version.  The plan is for one design that is suitable for either cross stitch or needlepoint.  This is supposed to end up as a 6" long cone, hanging point down from a ribbon? hanger.  The finishing is going to be tricky!

This is the needlepoint version.  It is on sage canvas, the black lines are in #5 pearl cotton, the leaves are all in Kreinik Holographic 1/16 ribbon.  Except for the bright yellow which is Fyre Werks.  It would have been much easier to stitch with #12 braid, but the ribbon is what I had on hand!  The background is a Threadworx overdyed floss, just using 2 strands.

Hopefully, in a week or so, I'll have this all finished and will show you the finished cone!

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Even the little glimpse we have is very pretty. Stitch faster, Liz. We want to see this soon!