Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twister Progress #12

I worked on Twister all day last Sunday and completed 4 sections in Quadrant 3.  I was surprised at that much progress as the outside sections are th biggest.  How long it takes though depends a lot on the stitch.  The outside red section took about 4 hours, well I did stop in there for lunch!  The outside gray section only took about 2 hours.  No!  I did NOT take a 2 hour lunch!

I won't get anything done on Twister for a couple of weeks now.  We are going to Reno and I won't be taking it along. 


Rebecca said...

Any ideas on getting Twister started? I have my threads and canvas marked but somehow I don't dare start. Any suggestions would be welcome

Rebecca said...

Forgot to tell you my email is

Rebecca in IA