Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stars For A New Millenium, Progress #5

Marlon Brando is finished!  What a gorgeous square this turned out to be.  I am just in love with it!  It is my new favorite square!  First the center had me entranced, then the use of Flair really got me excited, and finally the shading in the corners just blows me away! 
I have used Flair before, and never really cared for it.  But now I may have to revise my opinion! 
Anyway, on to the next square! 
Here's what the whole thing is looking like now.  I am working sashing & borders as I go now and once I finish the next square I will start working the sashing corners. 
 Don't forget to check out Jan's version!


Oriana said...


Liz, your color are very nice.
Ciao from Italy

Z said...

That is beautiful. Your colour choice is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! A very Liz palette and very soothing too.