Monday, June 24, 2013

Halloween Cat

We're going to be in Reno for several weeks.  Although I have
packed a ton of projects to work on (all WIPs), I decided to get this Halloween kitty ready to go.  It is a painted canvas!  (Are you fainting?  Fan yourself, it will pass!)  It is quite small and I want to get it done for a young friend who is going away to college in the fall. I think it will make a cute standup.  Here are the threads I have picked so far.  I will use a dark blue Neon Rays + for the sky, but I'll have to get it in Reno as I am out of it.  Most of the little details will be in floss & I have a big stash of that up there.  This will be fun & I am looking forward to enjoying the cooler weather!


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