Monday, June 10, 2013

Transitions, Progress #1

I had an idea, what can I say?!  I know I have a gazillion WIPs, but I just had to do this.  Actually I have dropped everything else for now.

Those of you who have taken my Mad Miters class may see it here.  This is a really nuts Mad Miters!  Not only does it use a diagonal pattern, but it changes colors in each "column".  I am using dozens of colors & threads.  What you see is Column 1 complete, and Columns 2 & 3 working.  I'll start Column 4 today.

So far I have learned that a diagonal pattern used in a 4-way can be done two ways!  One is to mirror image the pattern at the miters.  Two is to make each quadrant identical.  So far I have only used #1, and as you can see, the pattern never changes direction.  I will use #2 next.

Ooooo, this is so much fun!


Sara Leigh said...

This is very interesting! I can't wait to see your progress.

Joetta M said...

Fascinating! Please point out when and where you use method #2. I'll be eager to see the next progress #3.