Saturday, June 29, 2013

Transitions, Progress #4

Wow, we certainly got out of Vegas in the nick of time!  It is hot here too, but nothing like Vegas.  They are in the 120 range and here in Reno we are in the 100 range.  Isn't A/C the best thing ever?!!!
At The Bead Store, here in Reno, I found some beads to use to complete Transitions.  I haven't finished, but here is a detail of the part that is finished.  I found these wonderful little abalone shell beads that are odd shapes & the holes are not always in the middle.  I kind of piled them up in the far right section.
Then for the orange section, near the bottom I found some beads in a perfect color that are kind of oval, but the hole is through one end instead of the center.  I used a large regular bead at the center to anchor the oval ones.  I think it worked pretty well!


Jan said...

The beads really add dimension and interest. I like a lot so far!

Poppypatchwork said...

I love the flow of this design, and the colours, very pretty stitching.

Beth in IL said...

The colors are just gorgeous! I love how bargello looks;just have a had time doing it.