Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exploded Diamonds, Progress #1

I know, I've been bad, I've been working on this piece and haven't told you!

This is a piece I designed several months ago and have worked on off & on. I've been working on it the last few days again in an effort to avoid working on what I should be!

This design grew out of playing around with some Art Deco designs I found. Once I got all the diamonds in, I decided it needed a little something, so I had some of the "spots" in the solid diamonds wander off into the background.

Although the canvas is the "right" aqua color, I decided to Basketweave the background anyway in order to have a place to anchor all the other threads. The background is DMC floss. The "solid" diamonds are Mandarin floss, DMC floss and Neon Rays, in Smyrna Crosses and Mosaics. The Smyrna's & Neon Rays help these areas to "pop". The "spots" around the outside are DMC floss and are Cross Stitches.

I probably won't be working on this much for awhile, but I'll surely let you know when I make further progress!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LIKE this one! Can't wait to see it finished. How big is it going to be? Is it half done? More? Less?

It's an intriguing idea and wish I had time to play with this type of project right now. But, like you, I have other things I should be working on. Glad you shared this with us!