Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fractal Diamonds

Fractal Diamonds is a piece I designed to go on a jewelry box. I have had this Sudberry House box for at least 20 years and never got around to stitching a top for it. I needed a jewelry box in the Vegas house. The design is based on a fractal I found on the internet called "Warped Tiles" by Dennis Magar.
I used a variety of Watercolors and Kreinik, all leftovers from other projects, except the offwhite for the background and border which I had to buy more of. The diamond shapes are Diamond Rhodes Stitches and small Diamond Leviathans, with a few Scotch variations in the center (I know there is a name for this, but I can't find it!). Then I used small Waffles for the border. It was fun to stitch as I kind of made it up as I went along, just looking at Magar's fractal from time to time. It makes a nice addition to our Master Bedroom.

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