Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunset Sampler

Oops! Forgot to post yesterday. Well, this is Sunset Sampler which is a design I adapted from a fractal by Kerry Mitchell. I charted out all of the basic shapes, squares & rectangles, and then picked out colors and stitches as I stitched the piece. I used a lot of different stitches and threads. This piece won 3rd place at the ANG Seminar in Tucson, 2006, in the Professional Adaptation category. I had contacted Mr. Mitchell to get his permission to photograph the piece (it looks a lot like the original fractal) and not only did he give his permission, but he lives in Phoenix and drove to Tucson to see the exhibit! I had a drink with him and his girl friend. How cool is that!!!!


Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

That's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

This design is a wonderful adaptation! I hope everyone views the closeup - the stitching is fabulous.