Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SOTM Section 6

Today I finally finished Section 6 of Minieri's Stitch of the Month, the stitch for July. It was kinda slow going. First I just couldn't figure out the diagrams, and then I discovered I could click on them (on ANGs website) and they enlarge and were much better. Then I had a hard time with the compensation. I NEVER have trouble with compensation! I tried charting it and that didn't work, so I finally gave up and actually drew the outlines on the canvas, which is something I very rarely do (I am a chart person afterall!). Then I found the FyreWerks to be so reflective, even though I used one of the Soft Sheens, that it was hard to work on under a bright light. Jeez, I must be getting old! Anyway, I ended up stitching only in the daytime at the dining room table where the light is not so direct. Now it is done. I wonder what Tony will have for us next month!

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